Stoke Climsland steps forward

The Council has set up a Carbon Net Zero Committee to facilitate and undertake work to help the Parish reach Net Zero by 2030

Terms of reference can be found under Committees The Old School are running a Warm Hub in the afternoon on Wednesdays and Fridays. The Parish Council has made a grant of £500 to support them with their energy costs.

Vacancy for a Councillor is to be filled by co-option on 20th February. Would you like or are you interested in being a Parish Councillor. Please contact for further information

The Landmark Tree to commemorate the reign and dedication of our late Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II will be planted on the Village Green at 2pm on Saturday, 21st January followed by light refreshments in the Village Hall. You are welcome to attend.

The Parish Council Surgeries in the Old School have not had any contacts for the last 2 months. The Council wishes to keep this available so if you have ideas for the Parish or something isn’t right please drop in and let us know on the first Wednesday of each month.

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