Carbon Zero Homes Project

A project of community benefit

Retrofit is simply the process of making changes to existing buildings so that energy consumption and emissions are reduced and your home is warmer, healthier and more comfortable

What exactly is this all about?

The broad aim is to support you with any aspect of saving energy to run a home, in line with your priorities. The specific aim and focus is as described.above. To use the jargon, this is referred to as ‘retrofitting’. We will raise awareness, inform and educate about retrofit as a comprehensive approach to improving the energy efficiency of a property. We will encourage retrofit activity and we will support households onto and through the retrofit pathway.

How did this project begin?

Stoke Climsland Parish Council successfully secured a grant to set up this project and this is part of the parish response to the Carbon Neutral Cornwall Call to Action, in respect of “improving the energy efficiency of homes across Cornwall”.

How do I get in touch?

Please email,  call 07799848084 or complete the enquiry form below

Please get in touch if this is of interest to you and you would like more information or advice, have experience of improving your own home that you would like to share with others or are interest-ed in getting involved with the project in some way. If you work in an allied trade or provide professional services in this area we would like to hear from you too.


We will be working in partnership with Cornwall Council and other organisations to deliver this project across the parish.

Carbon Zero Homes Project​
Latest News

Climate Proactive Exhibition

An event to showcase the work by groups within the Parish to mitigate against the Climate Emergency

Saturday 16th September
10am - 3pm in the Parish Hall

Exhibitors will include

  • Stoke Climsland Parish Council
  • Carbon Zero Homes project
  • Stoke Climsland Farms Cluster
  • Community Energy
  • Westcountry Rivers Trust

Having a good long-term whole-house plan for your home is now possible This all begins with a . . .


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GDPR Statement
The information you provide will be used solely for this project.

For the purposes of managing enquiries, hard copy forms will be securely stored for the duration of the project and then destroyed.

The information you provide will also be securely stored electronically and will be used to derive anonymised statistics to support the overall aims of this project and may be used to provide you with energy efficiency related information which may be of interest and benefit to you. All electronically stored data will be deleted at the end of the project.

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